We are interested in crystalline matter. We develop new approaches based on hyperpolarized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to study the structure of polymorphic powders at natural isotopic abundance and polymorph formation from solution.

Research topics

Solid-state NMR methods

NMR experiments for solid materials

NMR for crystallization

NMR to study crystallization from solution

NMR crystallography

NMR for structure determination of powders

Last News

New paper from the group

New paper out! Nice example of how DNP can help investigating frozen solution of Ca ions. Nice collaboration with the group of T. Azais at Sorbonne University.

New paper from the group

Congratulations to Nghia for his new paper!

Céline and Minh Tu joined the group!

Welcome to the group to our PhD students Céline and Minh Tu!

ICR UMR 7273

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