We are interested in crystalline matter. We develop new approaches based on hyperpolarized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to study the structure of polymorphic powders at natural isotopic abundance and polymorph formation from solution.

Research topics

Solid-state NMR methods

NMR experiments for solid materials

NMR for crystallization

NMR to study crystallization from solution

NMR crystallography

NMR for structure determination of powders

Last News

New paper from the group

We describe a new sample formulation for MAS DNP, showing that good sensitivity enhancements be obtained in water without glycerol (or other glass forming agents) simply by dissolving
high concentrations of electrolytes (such as NaCl or LiCl), which perturb the otherwise
unavoidable ice crystallization observed upon cooling, thereby reducing PA phase separation
and restoring DNP efficiency.

08/2023: Giulia attended ISMAR in Brisbane

Giulia attended the ISMAR conference in Brisbane (AUS) where she gave an invited lecture on the study of polymorphic phase formation and transformation using hyperpolarized NMR. Stunning city and location, and excellent conference!

07/2023: Pierre gave a talk at Euromar

Pierre was at the Euromar 2023 in Glasgow where he gave a presentation on the use of MAS DNP for the early detection of polymorphic transformations in organic solids.

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