We are interested in crystalline matter. We develop new approaches based on hyperpolarized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to study the structure of polymorphic powders at natural isotopic abundance and polymorph formation from solution.

Research topics

Solid-state NMR methods

NMR experiments for solid materials

NMR for crystallization

NMR to study crystallization from solution

NMR crystallography

NMR for structure determination of powders

Last News

11/2023: New paper from the group

Congratulations Marie for this new pedagogical review presenting nuclear magnetic resonance strategies for time-resolved atomic-level investigation of crystallization from solution. There is an interesting section on perspectives and future directions in the field. Non specialists are welcome!

11/2022: Distinguished Junior Member of the French Chemical Society

Another good news! Giulia has been appointed Distinguished Junior Member (Membre Distingué Junior) by the French Chemical Society.

10/2022: Giulia is nominated for the Grand Prix Départemental pour la Recherche en Provence !

Great news! Giulia has been nominated for the Grand Prix Départemental pour la Recherche en Provence. The ceremony for the prize attribution will take place on the 2nd of December.

ICR UMR 7273

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