Solid-state NMR methods

NMR experiments for solid materials

We develop and apply new solid-state NMR experiments for accessing quantitative structural information on powdered solids, either isotopically enriched or at natural isotopic abundance with the help of hyperpolarization techniques (here, using Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Dynamic Polarization, or MAS DNP).



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Prof. Paul HodgkinsonUniversity of Durham

Associated publications

Solvent suppression in solid-state DNP NMR using Electronic Mixing-Mediated Annihilation (EMMA)
F. Ziarelli, P. Thureau, S. Viel, G. Mollica*
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 58 1076-1081 (2020) 

Solvent suppression in solid-state DNP NMR using Electronic Mixing-Mediated Annihilation (EMMA)

Abstract We show here that the Electronic Mixing-Mediated Annihilation (EMMA) method, previously reported for the suppression of background signals in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectra, can be successfully applied to remove the solvent signals observed in the case of nuclear magnetic resonance spectra obtained with dynamic nuclear polarization. The methodology presented here is applied to two standard sample preparation methods for dynamic nuclear polarization, namely, glass forming and incipient wetness impregnation. It is demonstrated that the Electronic Mixing-Mediated Annihilation method is complementary to the different methods for solvent suppression based on relaxation filters and that it can be used to preserve the quantitative information that might be present in the pristine spectra.

A Karplus equation for the conformational analysis of organic molecular crystals
P. Thureau, I. Carvin, F. Ziarelli, S. Viel, G. Mollica*
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58 16047-16051 (2019) 

Determining carbon-carbon connectivities in natural abundance organic powders using dipolar couplings
M. Dekhil, G. Mollica, T. Texier-Bonniot, F. Ziarelli, P. Thureau, S. Viel
Chemical Communications, 52 8565-8568 (2016) 

Optimizing Sample Preparation Methods for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Solid-state NMR of Synthetic Polymers
D. Le, G. Casano, T. N. Phan, F. Ziarelli, O. Ouari, F. Aussenac, P. Thureau, G. Mollica, D. Gigmes, P. Tordo, S. Viel
Macromolecules, 47 3909-3916 (2014) 

Selective measurements of long-range homonuclear J-couplings in solid-state NMR
P. Thureau, G. Mollica, F. Ziarelli, S. Viel
Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 231 90-4 (2013)