St├ęphane VIEL

Full Professor

Main activities : At the interface between analytical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy, my research activities focus on the development of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) methodologies, based on molecular mobility, to obtain high-resolution information on the structure, dynamics and reactivity of a wide range of homogeneous or heterogeneous samples, in the context of molecular and materials chemistry issues related to Health and the Environment. Following the creation of the Institute of Radical Chemistry (ICR) in 2012, we have initiated a new research program in collaboration with the SREP and CROPS teams of the ICR, which aims to develop the potential of solid-state NMR enhanced by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for the analysis of polymer materials. This technique is very promising because it overcomes the main current limitation of NMR, namely its low sensitivity, by reducing the detection limit by several orders of magnitude. Of both fundamental and applied interest, the triple objective of this research is to refine the structural elucidation of polymer materials, to improve the description of their nanostructuring properties, and to better understand their ageing mechanisms. Keywords: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, structural elucidation, molecular mobility, dynamic nuclear polarization. Teaching activities: My teaching activities mainly concern the fields of analytical chemistry and spectroscopy at Bachelor and Master level. Others: Honorary Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (Junior Member, 2015-2020) ResearcherID : F-7030-2014